ManorHUB Security & Safety Guidelines

The Keys/Fobs Control Procedures is designed to promote a secure facility and to efficiently manage the control, dissemination, use, and possession of keys/fobs. ManorHUB are responsible for maintaining and distributing keys/fobs.

General Guidelines:

  • All individuals in possession of a key/fob are responsible for ensuring building security by complying with the key/fob control measures outlined herein.
  • ManorHUB will not accept any liability for items lost or stolen on the premises.
  • It is hereby accepted by the Renter/Licensee that ManorHUB retains a master FOB key and can at all reasonable times enter all parts of the premises to examine the state of repair and condition thereof and to make good all defects arising on giving the licensee reasonable notice.
  • Access to areas that are locked at all times is strictly limited.
  • Records of keys/fobs including the names of individuals to whom keys/fobs are issued and dates of issue/return/loss will be maintained by ManorHUB
  • Keys/fobs will not be duplicated, except by Management.
  • All persons issued keys/fobs shall at all times be held responsible and accountable for their keys/fobs and shall not transfer or loan them to another individual.
  • The employee will be required to sign a receipt for the authorized keys/fobs.
  • Keys/fobs issued to contractors must be returned at the end of each business day. At no time will a contractor keep keys/fobs overnight. Costs related to unreturned keys/fobs will be the responsibility of the contractor and his/ her company. 
  • Lost or stolen keys/fobs must be reported immediately to Reception.
  • In case of emergencies, ManorHUB may need to enter a secured area. Once the emergency is over, every effort will be made to contact the individual responsible for the area entered to advise him/her of the need to access their area.
  • Keys/fobs are ManorHUB’s property and may be recovered at any time. 
  • Unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession, or use of keys/fobs to ManorHUB facilities is a violation of this policy and key/fob holders found in violation may be subject to disciplinary action and/or termination of Lease.
  • Non-Licensees, contractors, etc. found in possession of unauthorized ManorHUB keys/fobs will have keys/fobs confiscated and will be removed from the building.

Renters, Residents, Employees, Licensees are required to:

  • Secure their own possessions, equipment & designated spaces. Licensees are required to lock their own pod doors (if applicable) and keep FOB keys secure.
  • Comply with security procedures. Any keys, fobs or alarm codes given to users are specific to each user and cannot be shared or given to any other third party.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour immediately
  • Familiarise yourself with emergency exits and equipment.
  • Be personally responsible for the use of keys/fobs until returned to ManorHUB
  • Will not prop or otherwise hold doors or windows open or leave them unlocked.
  • Contact ManorHUB if you cannot unlock a door with your key/fob.
  • Contact ManorHUB Reception if access to an otherwise secured area is required
  • Please notify ManorHUB if staff needs to be available during off-hours.
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