Brexit Solution for Businesses in Northern Ireland

Brexit Solution for Businesses in Northern Ireland and Britain:

ManorHUB is turning a perceived border negative into an innovative positive for businesses north of the border.  As ManorHUB is only 10 miles south of the border, we want to become the turn key EU HQ for businesses in Northern Ireland.

ManorHUB is ideally located as the first industrial and business point south of the border. With March 2019 fast approaching, businesses in NI need to consider their business continuity and their access point to the EU trading block. ManorHUB offers a turn key, executive business facility within an hour of all points west of the A5 roadway therefore facilitating businesses to locate their EU HQ very near their existing business base in NI

We’d like to invite any export focused startups and small businesses with less than 5 employees in the international traded services, technology, creative, financial and micro manufacturing sectors who currently export to the EU to make ManorHUB their EU HQs.